Who needs SEO services for hotels?

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Due to the constantly changing needs of the modern traveler, hotels have had to work hard to keep up with demands. For instance, the online experience keeps changing from calling in to book a room to booking straight from your phone or laptop without speaking to anyone.

However daunting the constant change may seem, the internet is a great place to get more bookings for your hotel, but you need to stand out to have an edge over fellow competitors.

What is SEO, and who needs hotel SEO services?

Today, we barely do anything without consulting Google; a large majority of people own smartphones, making it easier to access the internet. We check Google before booking a restaurant or hotel, which is why SEO optimization is critical in the hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry is a lucrative but competitive industry that centers around satisfying customers, which can be stressful. When running a hospitality business, you need to increase your visibility in the digital world. Search engine optimization can make the difference between a packed hotel and a slow night.

Search engine optimization is a large subject that can easily get complicated when overloaded with technical words that may need to be clarified even the most experienced hotelier. Every hotel is unique in style, so you should get a proposal tailored to fit the hotel’s aesthetics and target audience.  

SEO Options 

One-off SEO audits: This option is usually aimed at hotels that want quick SEO wins with little stress. They often have issues with their websites, which are primarily content-related or technical. SEO audits lead to recommendations on fixes that the hotel’s team can implement, or they can be outsourced to an SEO agency.

Monthly SEO Plans: Hotels needing ongoing support usually opt for monthly plans. These services include content creation, technical optimization, and improving online presence and link profiles. The hotel will also be provided with rank tracking and keyword research to improve the hotel’s ranking.

Local SEO: This targets customers in a specific geographical location. For instance, if you’re based in the Netherlands and want the attention of the locals, then an SEO agency can create a strategy that increases your hotel’s visibility in your area, leading to potential bookings.

Importance of SEO services for hotels

It boosts revenue 

The main reason for SEO optimization is to help websites rank high in search engine results. SEO strategy for the hospitality industry aims to ensure the hotel’s page ranks high on the top page of Google to increase traffic.

Guests in your city rely heavily on Google for suggestions on where to dine and lay their heads. Locals also check out hotels online, and ensuring your site is easily found is vital to increasing your traffic. SEO services for hotels help you get the attention of your target audience, which could lead to an increase in bookings.

Improves brand awareness 

Research shows a prevailing bias for results on the first page. Most people don’t search past that page. This means businesses have a split second to ensure their brand name sticks to a user’s mind by ranking high on Google. Appearing high on Google also fosters trust and credibility because users tend to trust information and suggestions provided by Google.

Promotes the hotel’s selling point

SEO optimization allows you to use your hotel’s landing pages as top selling points instead of paying for separate internet marketing. The hotel can determine the keywords the hospitality industry needs to rank high through keyword research. The keywords should match the hotel’s key selling point to create top-notch content that separates you from the competition.

SEO optimization is a great way to maximize visibility and profits. It also helps your hospitality business keep up with ever-changing trends.  


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