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Frustrated with attracting the right audience to your vacation rental?

Or you wish there was an easier way to get guests directly booking with you?

You’ve most probably accepted the fact that you must hand over between 10-25% in generous chunk commission fees of the majority of your bookings.

Well, here is the thing:

A well-executed content marketing strategy means that when people search for a stay, your accommodation will be one of the first and most relevant results for their query, increasing the likelihood that the user will click through to the website and then go on to book their stay.

Why not use this opportunity to enhance your online presence and attract more ready-to-book website visitors?

This is where our team steps in.

I’m Mindaugas, a hospitality expert specializing in the hotel industry since 2014.

With degrees in hospitality management, marketing and years of experience helping accommodation owners, I have honed my direct traffic growth strategies skills and become a go-to consultant.

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Services that bring our clients success

Free Auditing of Your Website

The first step is a complimentary examination of your website and marketing channels.

Choosing Optimal Strategy

Collaboratively, we will devise a plan that emphasizes on achieving your business objectives.

Work In Progress

Once we have established a shared vision, we then actively work to expand and advance your business.


Services that bring our clients success

SEO Services

Boost your accommodation’s online visibility—locally or internationally—without added ad costs.

We analyze your business, audience, and goals, crafting a tailored SEO strategy covering local and technical SEO, content creation, influence building, and analytics.

The result?

Long-term, sustainable traffic and leads to your website.

Content Strategy

Instead of pitching your products or services, deliver information that helps potential guests, makes them more intelligent, or moves them emotionally.

A comprehensive content strategy combines:
– A competitive audit
– In-depth keyword research
– Creation of high-quality landing pages and content

All to help your website rank higher in search engine results.



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