Hospitality copywriting: How to Create a Compelling Copy?

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A teacher once presented this concept to a student: drive-up windows are available at McDonald’s to enjoy a nice, hot breakfast on your way to work without stepping out of your vehicle.

Did you see how this statement lacked emotion, yet the benefit is appealing? Perhaps the reader does not want to prepare breakfast. Perhaps the time-saving part triggered a memory. It’s possible that the “tasty hot” element appealed to the need for comfort.

A ton of hospitality copywriting on the internet does not resonate with the reader, causing a disconnect between the reader and the writer. With the numerous amount of digital content, it could be a lot harder to stand out and get a potential client’s attention. 

However, the key to a successful copy is ensuring it is engaging and meaningful by motivating the reader to take immediate action. Whether your content is about online purchases, booking a hotel, signing up for a newsletter, or other desired internet-based action, readers need to connect with the writer. 

The truth is, it takes practice and skill to write ads that get people to take a purchase action.

Let’s break hospitality writing down into simple and understandable steps. Here, we will approach this from a different angle and give a better explanation of getting your readers engaged with your write-up.

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Research phase prior to making an appealing hospitality copy

The Core Principle of Copywriting

If you want good results from your content, you need to know and follow the basic rules that make content compelling and persuasive. We’ll go into more detail about these core principles, giving you the tools to write engaging copy that catches your attention and speaks to them.

Understanding your Audience

Hospitality copywriting has everything to do with your audience.

Whether you’re a copywriter in the traditional sense or writing content like a blog post, your goal is to convince your reader. However, you don’t have to be a psychology expert to write convincingly.

You must recognize that you are dealing with an emotional human with needs and desires. Identify one (or more) and address it.

Copywriting is often a challenging task

See what happens when you make an emotional connection with your audience. People buy things to enhance certain emotions or to hide away from their mistakes and misery.

When you approach your writing this way, you will be significantly more successful in concentrating on benefits rather than features. Many of these features have a logical attraction.

Your role is to transform characteristics into advantages that elicit an emotional response. 


Let’s look at clarity, which also means clear communication. Identify your content’s principal goal before writing. Keep this in mind to guide your writing and keep on track. Avoid jargon and convoluted language that may confuse readers.

Choose words and phrases your audience will like. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to organize your information. Readers will find it simpler to browse and understand.

Engaging Your Audience from the Get-Go

Your headline should be considered when writing engaging as a hospitality copywriter to engage your audience and grab attention. What separates your message from getting read or dismissed is your headline. For this reason, you should exert sufficient effort to ensure that your title is attention-grabbing.

Ensure the title is catchy, brief, and direct; it should also give the reader a good idea of the content. 

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Not more than ten or twelve words should make up your headline. Your reader will be confused and unable to grasp your point if your title is too lengthy. Numbers are eye-catching and useful for targeting your title, so don’t be afraid to use them.

Just compare the two titles: “5 Tips to Crafting Killer Direct Response Copy” is more compelling than “Tips for Crafting Direct Response Copy.


7 Secrets Steps to Crafting Killer Direct Response Copy” is more compelling than “Tips for Crafting Direct Response Copy.

You can see more examples here.

What should you Pay Attention to when Looking for a Copywriter?

Now, let’s take, for instance, you cannot write these copies yourself, and you need to hire a copywriter who can do a much better job. How do you find the right copywriter for you?

Creative thinking – A hospitality copywriter’s ability to come up with new and innovative concepts for ads, promotional materials, and other forms of writing is a big deal. Finding out what people are interested in right now, coming up with fresh ideas, and crafting persuasive content are all part of this process. 

Time Management: Hospitality copywriting has everything to do with time management. Copywriters need to be time-conscious to finish tasks quickly and within budget.

To better manage your time, you should establish your goal, create a to-do list, and keep it organized. In addition, you’ll need to maintain communication with customers and coworkers, remain organized, and monitor your progress against deadlines. 

Investigative abilities: A copywriter with exceptional research skills can easily find the information necessary to create engaging content. The ability to identify relevant resources, analyze and evaluate data, and create high-quality content from factual sources is a strength of theirs.

They have the knowledge and expertise to identify the best approach to reaching the target demographic and be up-to-date on the latest copywriting trends and strategies. 

Copywriting Examples that Convert to Bookings

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Strategic Call-to-Action in Ad Copy:

Example: “Ready for Your Next Adventure? Click Now to Reserve Your Spot – Limited Availability, Book Your Blissful Escape!”

Inviting Hotel Introductions:

Example: “Welcome to A Pristine Sanctuary! Reserve your stay at [Hotel Name] – Where comfort meets unparalleled hospitality.”

Persuasive Email Campaigns:

Example: “Exclusive Offer Inside! Book your stay now and enjoy extra perks – Limited availability, act fast!”

Enticing Limited-Time Deals:

Example: “Flash Sale Alert! Unlock discount rates – book today and secure your spot in paradise.”

Customer Testimonial Stories:

Example: “Guests Rave About Their Experiences – Read Their Stories and Book Your Own Unforgettable Getaway!”

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Writing copies that convert takes practice. It’s possible to write copies that get people to act when you know your audience, focusing on the benefits, using persuasion, keeping it short, and including a clear call to action is possible.

Consult Foundirectly to help you create content that stands out.